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Get Ready for Perfectly Silky Strands With Just 9 Seconds

9 seconds innovative hair treatment
9 seconds innovative hair treatment

Get Ready for Perfectly Silky Strands With Just 9 Seconds

Hair care has become an essential part of everyone’s daily life. Going to the salon for hair care, although you can get the desired effect, the cost is not affordable for everyone on daily basis. The traditional hair mask takes too much time, For those who pursue an efficient life, they don’t have the patience to wait so long. And even if you can spend so much time and patience on hair care every night, but most of the time, the hair may turn back to messy and frizzy.

Hair mask in the solid state that everyone used in the past, is not only inconvenient to carry out, but also has another disadvantage: it is not easy to penetrate between the hair strands. Once it is not applied evenly, it will easily lead to uneven nutrition absorption of the hair. That’s why people misunderstand hair masks as useless.

In a fast-paced life, time is money. 9 seconds Innovative Hair Treatment with high-efficiency is in line with the consumption needs of many people today. Great hair care in just 9 seconds.


🟠Has the same ingredients as skin care products

Molecular-level ingredients can penetrate into the hair core efficiently, repair damaged hair, prevent hair dryness, and achieve a moisturizing effect.


Known as the “sugar of life”, it can form a protective film on the surface of our hair, effectively protect the activity of hair protein, and keep the hair cuticles from dehydration and sun damage.

🟠Unique Perfume Formula

After using it, there is a long-lasting fragrance in the hair, quietly adding charm and adding points to the impression.

Water emulsification technology, so that nutrients fully cover the hair

The texture of the 9 seconds Innovative Hair Treatment is liquid, emulsified with water, and in the form of a small molecule liquid, the active ingredients quickly penetrate into the hair core within 9 seconds, helping the hair to better absorb nutrients.

Washes in 9 seconds, refreshing and not clogged

Without waiting for a long time to absorb, just 9 seconds, hair feels light and smooth instantly, and there will be no false slippery problems during the rinse. The texture of the hair mask is watery and non-sticky, it will not burden damaged hair.

Skin friendly ingredients, friendly to sensitive scalp

The main ingredients of 9 seconds Innovative Hair Treatment are derived from plants and contain a variety of active ingredients that are beneficial to hair health. While taking into account the high efficiency, it nourishes the hair more gently and healthily.

Affordable and durable: 1 salon fee = 50+ times home salon-level hair care

Compared with going to the salon to spend high money and precious time, 9 seconds Innovative Hair Treatment is more cost-effective. Unlike other hair masks that need to be applied thickly, this hair treatment only needs an amount in the palm of your hand each time, and a bottle can last for one to two months. After each use, you can feel the transformation of your hair, and you can have a salon-level hair care effect at home.

Weakly acidic, more suitable for damaged hair

The pH of healthy hair should be between 4.5 and 5.5, while perm & dyeing usually use weak alkaline potions to forcibly open the cuticles of the epidermis. Therefore, the hair that has been permed & dyed needs to be treated with weakly acidic products. This hair treatment is weakly acidic, which can replenish acidity in the hair, repair damage, and strengthen the hair.