Many clients think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on their hair color & styles, but care their hair with cheap or random products. Although you might save money in the short term, using such hair products will damage your hair health in the long-run. And that is why a lot of people complain that they can’t get the same quality hair care at home. Since you can't expect to have great Salon results with cheaper products.

If your hair without professional hair care products, it won't prevent fade and prolong your costly style, even may damage your hair.

So, why do you take the risk?


Milder Surfactants (cleansers) & Ph Balanced:Generally, professional hair care products will gently cleanse your hair, keep your hair & scalp in top notch health, and ensure safety and quality.

Higher Concentrations of Quality Ingredients:A little bit goes a long way. Professional hair care products maximize the effects on your hair. They help in detangling, reducing fluff & puff & giving you shiny, healthy hair.

Developed by Professional Stylists & Scientists Teams:In order to maintain your hair health, style and color, professional products are using the finest of ingredients and technology, which ensures the product safety, quality, consistency and customization.


Dedicated to professional hair care, Arganmidas is built on expertise and quality. It offers full line products combining technology with precious essences, like Argan Oil, Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Proteins, Vitamins. Thus, ARGANMIDAS not only provides healthy & salon level hair care treatment, but also powerfully moisturizes, repairs, and strengthens damaged hair.

ARGANMIDAS PRODUCT LINES:Hair Caring Series, Hair Coloring Series, Hair Repairing Series, Hair Styling Series, Perm Series...

At Arganmidas, we will find the best products for your hair, no matter the texture, and keep it looking fresher and healthier for longer. It is a wise investment for you hair.

Arganmidas Brand Tone

Arganmidas is born for more healthy and beautiful hair, giving women higher confidence and personal identity.

Arganmidas puts the 4 vital values into action, and to make a difference in the professional high-end hair care field.

HEALTH: It is Arganmidas core commitment for all its products. Together with the beauty needs, Arganmidas takes the responsibility to care the wellness of all women,and aspires to be a more sustainable brand.

PROFESSION: Arganmidas provides all kinds of salon quality hair caring products. It inspires women to the authentic beauty of thier hair at the very moment they use Arganmidas.

SCIENCE: in order to maximize the power of healthy hair caring products for hair of all types, Arganmidas professional teams combine technology with premium ingredients & functional formula.

RESTORATION: It is the goal that makes Arganmidas separates the great from the average. It provides professional treatment to restore hair health and shine.

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