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We offer worldwide delivery services and can tailor haircare products to your needs. We are excited to collaborate with you! Please reach out to us and we will respond promptly.

About Us

ARGANMIDAS, featuring the powerful “miracle ingredient” argan oil, has earned acclaim from the New York Times for its exceptional benefits. With strong innovation capabilities in our R&D centers located in Canada and China, along with access to global premium resources and materials, ARGANMIDAS is dedicated to providing professional and personalized haircare services that make hair shine its brightest.

Arganmidas Parter Program

Suitable for customers with high product demand(more than 100 sets)

Customized service available

Lowest price among all cooperation methods

Account manager provides one-stop service

Why Choose Us


Buy directly from the factory and import to your country for cost savings and competitive pricin


We provide product training, express delivery, and after-sales support to help you reduce shipping time and storage costs.


We're a haircare product manufacturer with experience and can design your order based on past demand from customers.


Our page connects businesses and end-users with local dealers, and we refer small wholesale inquiries to those dealers.


How Can We Join the Arganmidas Parter Program?

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We typically reply in a few minutes

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