Arganmidas is beneficial for all hair types. Whether your hair is keratin treated, color treated or all kinds of chemical treated, whether your hair is virgin, damaged, split ends, or dry, Arganmidas helps in preventing and repairing the damaged, moisturizing the dry, nourishing the dull, returning the hair to a healthy state. Besides, Arganmidas is compatible with all hair products. It elevates your hair care routine, and leaving you with beautiful, healthy, shiny hair.
All of these shampoos are enriched with Argan Oil, giving hair hydration, nourishment, and restoration benefits. While they have different functions base on the advantages of Argan Oil. For the brown cap shampoo, it is a deep moisturizer, which is specially formulated for healthy hair with little dry and frizzy. For the red cap shampoo, it benefits in scalp protection, scalp PH balance, sebum control. Besides, it is good for colored hair, leaving you glossy hair. For the orange cap shampoo, it is specially formulated to fights hair dandruff, manages dry, itchy and flaky scalp, leaving you refreshing scalp, hair roots and clean hair. For the green cap shampoo, it helps fine, thin and flat hair look thicker and fuller. And it gives hair a beautiful boost from hair roots. For the blue bottle with white cap shampoo, it riches in both Argan Oil and Keretin. It removes frizz while adding smoothness to your hair, making them easily manageable, less prone to breakage, split ends, and thinning fine hair by absorbing essential nutrients and vitamins.
The hair mask in yellow jar is enriched with Argan Oil and hair nourishing ingredients. If your hair is dry, frizzy, split ends and damaged, we recommend you to use the yellow one. After using it , your hair will feeling soft, smooth and shiny. If your have over-processed hair, which is brittle to the touch, the blue one will help to restore strength, elastic, and prevent further breakage, leaving with healthy, easy managed, and smooth hair. Since the blue hair mask riches in both Argan oil and Keratin.

Arganmidas Argan Oil includes specific ingredients designed to beautifully transform hair. If used on face and body, it will have a greasy feeling. So for body products please visit our Body Line.

We recommend consulting your physician. All ingredients used are listed on our packaging.

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When hair is damaged via thermal, chemical, mechanical or environmental factors, the disulfide bonds in strands are broken apart. You might have visible breakage, split ends, frizzy, dry hair, and strands are brittle to the touch. In the case of chemical services, QPLEX works by repairing with disulfide bonds in strands, making your hair strong, healthy, elastic. In a word, it bring your damaged hair back to life.

In fact, every hair type needs a hair mask. Because it can make your hair benefit from deep hydration, nourishment and restoration. It’s a luxurious part of weekly self care for your hair.

Arganmidas hair color cream is formulated with Argan oil, it will protect strands while coloring, and leaving you vibrant color in your hair. It is the revolutionary oil-based, no-ammonia permanent hair color cream for professional use. And its pleasant plant fragrance providing you great coloring experience.

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Arganmidas offers professional-grade and high-end salon level products for every hair type, the hair caring ingredients are highly concentrated, providing the most optimal results. They protect and repair damaged hair while adding intense moisture, shine, smoothness and strength. So their effect is stronger than the high-street hair care products for home use.