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How Do You Refresh Your Hair After Bleaching It? No Yellow Hair Mask to Care for Bleached and Dyed Hair

no yellow hair mask
no yellow hair mask

How Do You Refresh Your Hair After Bleaching It? No Yellow Hair Mask to Care for Bleached and Dyed Hair

Hair dyeing has become a very common thing in our daily life. Unsatisfactory hair color, or hair turning yellow quickly, is one of the main problems people face after bleaching and dyeing. In the past, ordinary hair-care products could only nourish the hair after bleaching and dyeing. But it has no ability to remove the unwanted yellow tones and solid color. Now, with the right color protection products, while nourishing the hair, it can effectively remove unwanted yellow tones, delay fading and yellowing, and prolong the ideal hair color.

Remove unwanted yellow tones & lock your ideal hair color in one step.

Blonde and gray hair, whether natural or dyed, may turn dull, yellowish tinge easily due to sun exposure, bleaching, or styling tools.

Use Arganmidas® No Yellow Hair Mask It does not contain harmful chemical ingredients and contains a variety of harmless ingredients that can get rid of unwanted yellow and lock the hair color. It is mild, friendly to hair, and cost-effective. It can help you to prolong ideal hair color easily.

Arganmidas® No Yellow Hair Mask can hedge against the yellow tones of the hair, thereby removing yellow tones, and finally, making the hair appear the ideal color. At the same time, it can provide sufficient nutrition for the hair after bleaching/dyeing, making the hair soft and shiny.


Hydrolyzed Keratin–Supplement the nutrients needed by damaged hair and form a natural protective film to restore the hair’s suppleness and elasticity. At the same time, it has excellent oil control and anti-dandruff effects. 

Dimethiconol–Rich in a variety of silicone ingredients, it solves the problem of frizzing hair and restores its luster, while protecting hair from external heat damage. 

Argan Oil–Rich in a variety of nutrients needed for hair, it can help cations penetrate into the hair, delay the fading of dyed hair, and repair damaged hair. 

Unique Perfume Formula–After using it, there is a long-lasting fragrance in the hair, quietly adding charm and adding points to the impression. 

Having the ideal hair color is a piece of cake when you meet No Yellow Hair Mask.

Reduce yellow tones in your hair , make hair color more perfect.

Contains special purple pigment (which removes unwanted yellow from hair), suitable for multiple bleaching and dyeing scenarios, and perfectly creates your ideal hair color.

Use after bleaching and before dyeing: Lighten the hair color after fading, the more you wash it, the more platinum it will be, and it will be easier to dye your ideal hair color.

Daily use after dyeing: After dyeing, it helps to fix the color and remove unwanted yellow, locking the trendy color.