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How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy — Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy — Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

Why Does Dyed Hair Turn Brassy?

Dyed hair may turn brassy due to several reasons. The main cause is the exposure to UV rays, heat from styling tools, and water with high mineral content, such as chlorine or hard water. Over time, these factors can break down and lighten the dye, causing it to become yellow, orange, or reddish in tone.

Another possible cause is the use of wrong or expired hair dye products, which may contain ingredients that react differently with the natural pigment in the hair, resulting in unwanted brassiness.

Furthermore, inadequate maintenance or lack of regular hair care routine, such as not using colour-safe shampoo and conditioner, can also contribute to the fading and dullness of dyed hair, making it more prone to turning brassy.

How Can I Make My Hair Color Last Longer and Healthy?– Use Arganmidas® Color-Protecting Products

It does not contain harmful chemical ingredients and contains a variety of harmless ingredients that can get rid of unwanted yellow and lock the hair color. It is mild, friendly to hair, and cost-effective. It can help you to prolong ideal hair color easily.

Extend the life of your hair color with Arganmidas® Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, leaving your hair looking as fresh as it did right out of the salon. Infused with a variety of natural extracts, this complete line of salon-quality color-protecting products helps prevent color fading and improves the condition of color-treated hair.

Wash your hair once, gain three benefits

Different from ordinary shampoos, Arganmidas® color protection products can not only form a protective barrier for the outermost layer of the hair, and lock the hair color, but also repair the damage, brighten the hair, and make the hair bloom with long-lasting luster.

Gentle cleansing ability, friendly to the scalp

The ingredients are milder than those used in daily shampoos, do not irritate the scalp and hair, reduce the damage to the cuticles during washing hair, and avoid the loss of dye molecules.

Special ingredients to help hair cuticles close

The surface of hair that has been permed and dyed will show negative charge characteristics and damage problems. Arganmidas® color protection products adds nourishing and repairing ingredients and cationic neutralization, so as to achieve color fixation and solve hair damage at the same time.

No need to tangle the choice, suitable for all hair colors

Customers do not need to choose different color protection products according to their hair color. The milky white formula can fix every color, does not repel the original hair color, does not stain the bathroom and nails, and locks the fashion hair color naturally.